A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Meet Nora the human and Louie the fox, two adventurers looking for a good time. They are on their way to the port of Oak Angel, but trouble always find it's way, they stumble upon car problems on their way there.

Nora and Louie are now stranded in the middle of the forest, luckly they're now near the village of Butcher Valley, home to pine trees and plenty of strange folks. Do whatever it takes to get them to safety, but be careful, Butcher Valley doesn't take kindly to strangers.

Made by SightCel from Papeero, a 2D adventure-platformer set in the strange village of Butcher Valley. Monuments, cakes and many boss battles. Get your mug of hot cocoa and your slice of cake ready because this adventure is one of a kind.

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Install instructions

After the download, open the game by executing the file named "Butcher Valley"


Butcher Valley (1.0.5) - Windows.zip 163 MB
Butcher Valley (1.0.5) - Mac.app.zip 164 MB
Butcher Valley (1.0.5) - Linux.zip 169 MB


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lo descargue para linux y no  me aparecen los dialogos despues de bajar del auto 


Desafortunadamente, no tengo una computadora con Linux, por lo que no puedo probar el juego para encontrar y solucionar lo que te está sucediendo.

La razón por la que sigo manteniendo la opción de descarga es porque no sé si el problema solo ocurre en tu versión específica de Linux o si ocurre en todos los dispositivos.

Si te interesa el juego de Butcher Valley, por mientras puede ver un video del mismo. En el futuro estaré revisando este error, ¡gracias por comentar!

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El juego esta mur entretenido :) la verdad me dirverti nunca eh jugado un juego de terror pense que no me lo podia pasar es un

Juego impresionante <3

¡Que bien que te gustó!

This game was pretty fun, it took me a while to get used to the mechanics but the fighting was probably my favorite. I felt pretty proud of myself after not losing any health in the mom fight

Nice, glad you liked it!

I am glad to play another game of yours.


Glad you liked them!

Me too.

The game’s visual style is amazing, everything stands out and is really iconic, the people seem so monstrous and inhuman. My favourite part has to be the fights, it was so much fun having enemies which telegraphed their attacks yet still posed a challenge, seeing their health helped a lot it made me feel like I was actually doing some damage.

Glad you liked it! if you liked these fights you might want to check out "Pastaghi" my most recent game, there's plenty of interesting battles there.

amazing game! Thanks for the Spanish translation, it made the experience much better. I also made a video for Spanish speakers playing this game.

increíble juego! Gracias por la traducción al español, hizo que la experiencia fuera mucho mejor. También hice un video para hispanohablantes jugando este juego.


¡Que bien que te gustó! Siempre intento poner la traducción para que más personas puedan tener una buena experiencia dentro del juego.

will this and your other games be available on nintendo switch in the future?

Maybe in the future!

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I didn't know cannibals are supernatural beings lmao
Great game btw


Glad you liked it!

Hello, could you tell me what the new update is to see if I download it or not?

We haven't updated the game since September 18th, in most updates there are only some small changes. I leave it at your hands to decide.

This was soo fun and i was sad when it eneded. 9.99/10. would recommend!

Glad you liked it!

Umm can u add the game on aandroid??

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There are no current plans to take the game to Android.

Can't use the items...


The items are automatically used when you interact with something.

For example, if you have the key for a room, it will open, otherwise it will say it's locked. You can always see what items you have by hovering your cursor over the backpack on the top-left corner of your screen.

Hi! I really want to try this game out myself since it looks so good, but for some reason it kept on saying that 

"The application “1.0.5 - Mac” can’t be opened."

Whenever I try to open it. If it helps, I'm on OS 12.0.1. Is there a way to install it that I'm unaware of perhaps? Sorry for the inconvenience, but seriously amazing job for making such a cool game!

Thank you, unfortunately i don't own a Mac, i've had other people commenting on this but without a Mac this problem can't be fixed, the Build needs to be created on that specific operating system.

The reason i'm still keeping the download option is because i don't know if the problem only happends on that specific Mac version or if it happends on every Mac device.


Aww I see, it's okay! I guess I'll just have to be patient or figure out another way so I can play. Thanks for responding! Please continue to make games like this!

I sure will!


Here's some tips:

-You can dash thru her, you can attack from there to avoid getting hit by the bunny.

-When the music notes get close, go to the left because Naomi will throw the bunny, but be careful! there's a possibility the bunny bouces on the left wall.


This was so much fun and I love the artwork. Thanks for the game!

You're welcome, glad you liked it!

Played this game of stream, over the weekend; myself and chat were blown away.
What a great adventure this was!

Incredibly charming, a little spooky, and great fun to play!
Excellent work by the devs and would love to see more like this.

Much love! <3

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Thank you, glad you liked it! be sure to stay tunned for our future projects!

projects* (sorry)

OKKK WOW. How freaking good is this game! Its the right level of combat to story line, the graphics and art style are amazing and its FREE! Please do head over to watch me play this game on my channel to hear my full opinions :) 

Glad you liked it! Just finished watching your video, thank you for playing!





Wait when did I get the fuse?

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The fuel valve? you got it on the boiler room. In the newest version of the game there's an animation when you approach the truck to let you know, but you were playing the version before that.

Oooh!! Thank you for clearing that up I kept thinking about it 😁

Hello Producer

I really enjoyed the game and cleared it several times, not just once.

But in the meantime, I accidentally found a bug and made a comment.

Videos are at 1:23 , 2:40 , 7:13


Thank you for notifying me, i'll be fixing those for the next update. Glad you liked it!

el mejor juego del mundo

¡Que bien que te gustó!

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Honestly one of my favorite games I've played in a while. 10/10  I was expecting something really simple, point-and-click style, but got so much more than I expected! I loved the combat, the mini board game, and of course the characters. Getting to read all the dialogue was so fun. my only complaint is that it wasn't longer lol 

(and a few typos)

Glad you liked it! i'm looking forward to make more games like this.

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so glad to hear that! i can’t wait to play whatever you come up with next 🙌🏻  something about this style is just so addicting and nostalgic. (but of course if you wanted to completely deviate stylistically, i’d still be excited to see what you create lol) 

Played this game recently and absolutely loved it, the music is amazing and perfectly compliments both the gameplay and the graphics. The bosses were fun and not too hard nor too easy, the dialogue was interesting and there are plenty of things to interact with. I highly recommend this game and I even made a little video on it if anyone is interested, thank you for creating this masterpiece, I look forward to seeing and playing more games from you in the future. 


Glad you liked it! more games coming soon!


Glad you liked it!

super fun and the music was very fun and catchy. Loved the art of this one! 

Glad you liked it!

Surprisingly FREE FUN HORROR indie Game! | Butcher Valley (full game)

This game was recommended to me by my community and i loved it! very good wee game!


Glad you liked it!


I loved this game alot. It's quite good. Wasn't really expecting the boss battles you could say. The game constantly brings interest to the player. The game is hilarious. A unique game I'd say. The puzzles weren't too hard. Would like to see more about the universe in which butcher valley occurs as i feel it has potential to expand to new stories with nora and louie. Good job devs keep up the good work!


Glad you liked it! Let's just say that this isn't the last we'll see from Nora and Louie! if you want, check out "Dante's Illness", it's a game set in the same world but with different characters.

That's great i'll definitely check it out!

Me like game. Best horror game I ever play. It's still scary though.

Glad you liked it!

Great game!!!

Glad you liked it!

Very cool, I loved the visuals and the characters!

Glad you liked it!

love it, the protagonists' dialogues are so funny lol


Glad you liked it!

Hi developer! Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this game! The bosses were simple yet challenging, the dialouge was clever, and overall its a good game! Here is my playthrough. Hope you enjoy! 


Glad you liked it!

Hey, The game won't open on mac, says I don't have permission. Wondering if it's just my system or not, thanks.


I don't own a Mac so i can't test the game. I will investigate about this and hopefully by the next update you can play it. Thank you for notifying me!

Butcher Valley is a amazing game besides the boss fights was wow

Glad you liked it!

No problem

why is the windows and linux file mixed up :/?

Isn't it working in Linux? please let me know.

NO, it isn't, Its a .exe file and Im on linux

There you go, you can download the game to Linux now. Let me know if everything is working correctly. Thank you for notifying me!


I absolutely Loved it!! Had a lot of fun playing this game..funny and weird at the same time.This is just amazing!!

glad you liked it!

These must be some of my favourite protagonists in a horror game ever. especially when I give them funny British accents. Cool game, 6.8/10.


Well, stay tuned for future games, Nora and Louie will be back!


This is why I don't eat cake.

un juego muy interesante, una estética muy bien trabajada y un humor diferente, me ha gustado mucho. 


¡Que bien que te gustó!

And then I wonder why I bake my Own Cakes...


glad you liked it! keep baking your own cakes, but don't use meat on them!

KAY, I Will 🤣

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