A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Meet Nora the human and Louie the fox, two adventurers looking for a good time. They are on their way to the port of Oak Angel, but trouble always find it's way, they stumble upon car problems on their way there.

Nora and Louie are now stranded in the middle of the forest, luckly they're now near the village of Butcher Valley, home to pine trees and plenty of strange folks. Do whatever it takes to get them to safety, but be careful, Butcher Valley doesn't take kindly to strangers.

Made by SightCel from Papeero, a 2D adventure-platformer set in the strange village of Butcher Valley. Monuments, cakes and many boss battles. Get your mug of hot cocoa and your slice of cake ready because this adventure is one of a kind.

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"It’s a great little horror game with a wonderfully quirky sense of humor. The artwork and animation style of Butcher Valley is a little crude, but very distinctive and effective" -freegameplanet
Updated 16 hours ago
Published 21 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Made withUnity, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity, Paint.net
TagsAtmospheric, cake, Creepy, dialog, Horror, papeero, Short, stranded, strangers
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, YouTube

Install instructions

After downloading the file, execute the game by opening "Butcher Valley.exe"


Butcher Valley (1.0.5) - Windows.zip 163 MB
Butcher Valley (1.0.5) - Mac.app.zip 164 MB
Butcher Valley (1.0.5) - Linux.zip 169 MB


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Great game!!!

Very cool, I loved the visuals and the characters!

Glad you liked it!

love it, the protagonists' dialogues are so funny lol

Glad you liked it!

Hi developer! Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this game! The bosses were simple yet challenging, the dialouge was clever, and overall its a good game! Here is my playthrough. Hope you enjoy! 


Glad you liked it!

Hey, The game won't open on mac, says I don't have permission. Wondering if it's just my system or not, thanks.

I don't own a Mac so i can't test the game. I will investigate about this and hopefully by the next update you can play it. Thank you for notifying me!

Butcher Valley is a amazing game besides the boss fights was wow

Glad you liked it!

No problem

why is the windows and linux file mixed up :/?

Isn't it working in Linux? please let me know.

NO, it isn't, Its a .exe file and Im on linux

There you go, you can download the game to Linux now. Let me know if everything is working correctly. Thank you for notifying me!

I absolutely Loved it!! Had a lot of fun playing this game..funny and weird at the same time.This is just amazing!!

glad you liked it!

These must be some of my favourite protagonists in a horror game ever. especially when I give them funny British accents. Cool game, 6.8/10.


Well, stay tuned for future games, Nora and Louie will be back!


This is why I don't eat cake.

un juego muy interesante, una estética muy bien trabajada y un humor diferente, me ha gustado mucho. 


¡Que bien que te gustó!

And then I wonder why I bake my Own Cakes...


glad you liked it! keep baking your own cakes, but don't use meat on them!

KAY, I Will 🤣

Bruh, you snapped HAAAAARD on this game. I honestly might follow you so I can see what other game you'll make tbh. here's my gameplay of it if you wanna know how I've played 

glad you liked it! i'm sure you'll also like our future games, stay tuned!

Loved this one. the art and characters, plus the simple music made it both fun and tense to play. Would love to see more!

glad you liked it! we'll see more of the village of Butcher Valley in the future, for the meantime you can check out our other games.

The art style mixed with the dialogue and simple controls make this game something special! 

glad you liked it!

I think I found a bug to defeat the last two bosses, but i really enjoyed it - the art was so cool!

I have a question too, what would have happened if i ate the cake at the start? 🤔

Yeah, you can go behind them to avoid getting hit, but you still need to avoid the other projectiles by dashing.

If you have eaten the cakes, the ghosts would move the camera around making it harder to avoid getting hit instead of eliminating one of the opponents.

glad you liked it!

The art style really makes this game's creep factor stand out. I don't have much to add to the game beyond keep it up. I would also suggest putting the game out on steam. But that's my opinion.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

glad you liked it!

I don't offer any valuable or insightful commentary in my playthrough but i would be remiss if i didn't at least say how much i deeply appreciate the unique originality of the game and all of its gloriously quirky features. looking forward to the future adventures of nora and louie.

glad you liked it! We are always building creative content to put into our games, stay tuned!

It feels like it's been a while since the last time i played a 2D adventure-platformer, and this game was really a nice little short game.

glad you liked it!

I really liked this game, very good job!. And thanks for put it in Español :)

¡Que bien que te gustó! siempre pongo la opción de jugar en español en mis juegos para que más personas tengan la oportunidad de disfrutarlos.

I really enjoyed this game, I watched a video of it and the art style is for sure one of the best I’ve ever seen on a 2D format, the animations can be better but the menu looks amazing!

I like how is not a plain 2D all the time, the part you go through the vent I honestly was expecting someone to scare me and I like it, it creates tension. Overall the art design is enough to make you wanna plat this game, it gave me classic survival horror vibes!
I feel if this was a bigger project it would be awesome.


glad you liked it! don't worry, it's not the last time we'll see the village of Butcher Valley!

I really liked the art style for this, and the story! It was really cool and goofy at the same time! Good job!

glad you liked it!

Oh totally!

(1 edit)

I like your concept for meat.cakes ecc. but my PC isnt that powerfull.Just for asking are there any plans for

mobile devices, apks or in store releases? If No im going to try dowloading the game on  my PC.


There's no current plan to bring this game to mobile devices, you can change the resolution of the game to something smaller if you're having performance issues. I'll see what i can do for future games to make them available for mobile devices!

Gotta say I've never been interested in the concept of meat cake but after playing I'm defiantly confident that mean cake may not be for me... also cool game.


Yeah, it's an acquired taste. glad you liked it!

This is great. The atmoshpere really gives creepy feeling, the boss fight isn't hard but enjoyable. Loves the art, too.

Glad you liked it!

Really fun I liked the art style and story a lot

Glad you liked it!

omg this was amazing, i loved the style and fighting mechanism kinda reminded me of cuphead but les hard :p i'd highly reccomend this.


Glad you liked it! Stick around for one of the next games.

I'm working on a fighting game with mechanisms similar to "Cuphead", but that one is going to be difficult.

Very creative and fun game,loved

 it so much <3

Glad you liked it!

I can’t wait to try this game out! :D

Hope you enjoy it!



Glad you liked it!


Jogo curto, mas que vale a pena. Curti a ambientação e o design bizarro dos personagens. Cada chefe é único, e tem suas próprias características. Só achei o final meio corrido, mas nada que atrapalhe a diversão.

Glad you liked it! you are totally right, the ending was a little difficult to put together because of the setting it was in.

I really enjoyed this! Had a great style and good gameplay to go along with it! The characters were really well done and each of them felt different from each other and none felt useless or like filler. The boss fights were fun to play and each felt fair! I struggled a bit with the ending, it felt a bit rushed and was difficult to get a hold off but after a few attempts I got it. Overall I really enjoyed the game and made a video on it! If you wanna check it out I’d really appreciate it, and if you enjoy the content, it would really mean a lot if you considered subscribing, but that’s up to you! 

Glad you liked it! i know, the ending was a little difficult to put together because of the nature of just running from right to left without letting go of the key. Just finished watching your video, thanks for playing!


Loved it.

Watch video here: 

glad you liked it!


glad you liked it!

This game was so much fun. The art style is absolutely amazing. I really like how you included boss fights. Keep up the good work! 

glad you liked it!

I love you :)

No deja descargar en mac :'c

Acabo de crear una nueva versión del juego, el de MacOS ahora esta como otra descarga. Inténtalo de nuevo.

Amazing game very unique reminds me of little nightmares but a bit more unique while not throwing away scariness


Yes, i wanted to make something like that, glad you liked it!

good game is crepy and is good have not sense but have a good story is not bad game 

Thank you, glad you liked it!

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