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tus juegos son tan bueno esa estetica ese, ese, ese todo es tan bueno es una obra de arte tus juegos me encantan

¡Gracias! Espero que te gusten los siguientes.

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It was fun while it lasted. I really liked how the products looked haha


Glad you liked it!

why can't I claim this game?

You can download the game by clicking the "Download" button.

You've posted the same comment 20+ times on different games, you can't claim free games. You can only download them and add them to collections.

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found this after butcher valley~ game style so cute and lovely as always by papeero 💕

Glad you liked it! be sure to stay tuned for our next games!

I found this game through butcher valley. 

Quite an interesting game with a unique art style. Liked the concept of a store in the underworld and the different characters and their stories sometimes reflected without words from the way they look. Reminds me of old flash games like hotdog bush etc of the kind. I'll make more content in the future out of this game hopefully. Good job devs!

Thank you, glad you liked it!

It was good!

Glad you liked it!

what a nice lil chill after death experience

SnickerDude, thank you for playing, glad you liked it.

Hey :3 played the whole thing! Pretty good game! My gameplay if you want to see: 

CrazeLarious, thank you for playing, glad you liked it.

full gameplay starts at 6:36

RyshouJ, thank you for playing.



Arquivo Morto, thank you for playing, glad you liked it.

Yeah, I loved, and I always play games in Ubuntu Linux. Now you increase side the Microsoft symbol the penguin symbol, dude. ;)  :P Thanks for sharing your art, brother. I wish a plenty success for you and your games. I will come back to try and record new increments. Might I do it? If you have some projects funds site I will glad to show in description to help you, buddy. It's would be neat either. :D

Thank you, as long as you enjoyed it, thats good for me. There will be many more games here from Papeero in the near future, so stay tuned.

It is sweet to hear it! I keep on an eye here! :)

The game was good. The graphics, interesting characters, witty-named items, and the little things you could interact with all made it a pleasant experience. The game-play got kind of bland after day five or so, though. I think adding in more cool little events like the robbery would've helped avoid dullness. ( The other  stuff like Chloe getting a job as a news reporter, a man selling masks, and the lady missing her head, I don't consider an event.) On the seventh day, I was honestly expecting some grand finale or weird plot twist of sorts. Maybe something to do with the  "Mortis" near the end, but to my ironic surprise, nothing crazy happened. The part where you could choose five products for yourself was a clever, fun little addition. Besides that, I was a bit disappointed with how it ended. The game itself has a ton of potential. It mainly just needs some tweaking plot-wise. 

Other mentions:

-Good music

-Interesting lore

-Perfect walking-speed 

-Great character designs

All in all, if I had to rate the game 1/10, I'd give it a 7/10.


Oxymoronically, thank you for playing, glad you liked it. Originally the ending was going to be different, there was going to be something with The Great Mortis, but in a future game i'll add more to the Underworld, but with a different game mechanic.

This was a great game. I can't wait to see more games from you.

Baroquesphinx, thank you for playing, glad you liked it.

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Z9, thank you for playing, glad you liked it.

for linux support, it broke, me and others cant have a 360 view,what i mean by this is, when ever you look around your cursor hits the end of the screen and i cant move it at all.

Nebulous, thank you for playing, i'll be looking in this. Hopefully by the next update this problem will be solved, thank you for informing me.

Great game. Kudos to you guys.

5mg, thank you for playing, glad you liked it.

Really unique game. Cool art style. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Looking forward to future work.

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RavenCrow, thank you for playing, glad you liked it.

Hello, I played this game and I liked it, the cool visuals are definitely the highlight, the game did get a bit tedious where you need to do the same things over and over again, also that the speed of the customers coming and leaving was a little too slow imo, but over all it was a neat game, good work :)


Stella, thank you for playing, glad you liked it. The repetitive gameplay is all about making the simulation a little more realistic. Our future games won't have the same problem, the gameplay will be more intuitive and diverse.

Really liked it! the clay figures and the camera movement were what made it unique.

ItsMeRoot, Thank you for playing, glad you liked it. I'm looking forward to making more games with clay animations.

Great game dev

Gphobia, thank you for playing, glad you liked it.

Great game! Dark & creepy, and those animated clay figures looks very good.

Louis, thank you for playing, glad you liked it.

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Queen Faith, thank you for playing, glad you liked it.